The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden, A Reservation Mystery

In a time of great struggle on the reservations, when the American Indian Movement fought for justice and the FBI fought for control….

Alex Turning Hawk, an Oglala Lakota medicine-man-training, and his wife, Tate. battle a night-stalking killer, the FBI, and their own Lakota neighbors, It all starts with Tate. Driving in a blizzard, she is led by a ghost-hitchhiker to find the body of a friend – her hands cut off – hands tattooed with the words, “RED POWER.” To find the killer and the hands, will she and Alex Turning Hawk follow the path of the sacred pipe – or the gun?


Coming next in the series:

The Black Cradleboard, A Lakota Mystery

The Peyote Firebird, A Lakota Mystery



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