Coming to Protest

Published in Howling Dog, 1994.

Madison March for Human Rights

___After[break] church my car was gone, so I[break] went to the cops to report[break] it stolen, but they had it[break] impounded.

___I came[break] from revolutionary[break] Black Muslim South Chicago[break] so my license plate[break] was suspect.

___They tore[break]out the naugahyde back seat[break]but found no dope no guns no[break]ammo nothing but[break]gumwrappers.

___That time[break]I paid forty-eight dollars[break]to have my station wagon[break]searched in Madison,[break]Wisconsin.

___Then I[break]got a sixty-five dollar[break]ticket for littering the[break] intersection of[break]4th & Grande.

___“Your car[break]must’ve wandered down the hill.[break]Use your emergency brake[break]next time you come here,[break]lady.”

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